3 Ways to Outsmart Creative Saboteurs and Be Successful

Creative saboteurs are sneaky and underhanded due to the subconscious fears they project. Often like the boogeyman in the closet, these fears lose power once faced head on. Whether they appear from your family, a friend or even a colleague, their main goal is to block your progress. The biggest saboteur that I have encountered is within myself.


Lisa Hutchison Connecting Empathic Helpers & Artist to Spirit (c) 2016

My personal journey

I have been enjoying a great flow of creative success coming off of two bestselling collaborative books, obtaining a contract for a CEU I have written for licensed therapists and hearing that Chicken Soup for the Soul is publishing my story, Focusing on What Have in a second book devoted to Mom’s. In addition, I accepted an opportunity to speak at my women’s business networking group presenting a creative group activity. At first, I was happy and then scared sh*tless. I felt off physically, mentally and emotionally which was different than the normal performance anxiety. To dig deeper and release what I no longer needed, I scheduled a healing session.

During my session, I received the following messages from my angels; “You are doing good and you can do this.” These reassuring statements put me at ease, which allowed me to hear the next message delivered in the form of one word, “saboteur.” That message struck a chord of truth within me. I told this saboteur energy, I know you are trying to protect me but I can do this. After I spoke up and faced this inner demon, I heard snippets of various lyrics all featuring the word “love.” Through this Reiki healing session balancing my energies and my inner awakening, I felt 100 % better!

Let’s look a little deeper at the saboteur energy

The saboteur energy causes disruption when you are experiencing a flow of success. It is based on subconscious fears that we all have within our psyche. Some people turn this energy outward to destroy another person’s success, while others turn it inward to block their own success.

As an empath, you always need to ask is this me or someone else’s energy I am absorbing and living out? Often times it is both and here is why. When you are around a person who is jealous or insecure of your success they speak comments or show behaviors to you that are less than supportive. If you are not protecting your energies and keeping a present moment awareness, you take the ball and run with it, believing these fears and blocking your own success.

What is a creative to do?

  1. Awareness– Get to know your inner saboteur and make friends with him or her. Listen and observe how this energy shows up in your life.
  2. Acknowledging– When this energy shows up, talk to the fear and thank him or her.
  3. Action– Take action to show you can do this! Step into your power and take the next step with confidence and ease.


If you get hung up on any step, seek support.

Every successful, happy and healthy creative gets support from others. Healing sessions are wonderful for releasing old patterns as you grow as I have demonstrated in this piece. Psychotherapy sessions are essential for uncovering hidden motivations such as the saboteur and bringing them to light.

3 Ways to Overcome Creative Saboteurs (1)


More about Lisa: Lisa Hutchison is a licensed mental health counselor with over 14 years of experience offering therapy sessions in person and by phone. As an international bestselling author, she understands the ups and downs of the creative life and will show you specific ways to get you unstuck. As a certified angel card reader she channels the angels messages to help you move forward in clear, gentle ways. http://www.lisahutchison.net


32 thoughts on “3 Ways to Outsmart Creative Saboteurs and Be Successful

  1. I’m quite acquainted with my saboteur. She makes very compelling arguments to keep me safe.
    I saw my son’s saboteur come out in full force as he’s being asked to step into the role of a young man with a well-laid plan for his future. It angered me to see the sabotage, just as he’s making breakthroughs in his adhd life.
    His outburst showed me the screaming toddler at the heart of our saboteurs. We need to show them love, show them the boundaries they need and bless them through the dark forest.
    We can’t live with childish fears. We must step forward into courage. Great post.

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  2. Hi Lisa, I know the feeling. It seems like when things get really good in our life, we sometimes sabotage our feeling by thinking negative thoughts. I love your tips on how to deal with this. It’s important to stop and ask ourselves where the negative thoughts are coming from, and let our faith be greater than our fears!

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  3. This is exactly what I needed to read right now. My saboteur is constantly telling me to change directions just when I find a path that’s fulfilling and exciting–but now I realize that bringing the saboteur along for the journey, and showing it what I can do, is probably more effective than wasting my energy on fighting it off.

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    • I am happy to hear that this post was helpful for you Pam! Having the awareness of this energy is the key. I have also tried to fight it in the past but found acknowledging the saboteur energy made for a much smoother ride.


  4. Thanks for this inspiring post, Lisa. Great insights. So important to first become aware of and acknowledge the ‘saboteur’, and to remember to listen within for whether it’s one’s own energy or energy that belongs to someone else. Essential practice for empaths.

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  5. Lisa, I loved the reminder that we need to ask whether this is me or someone else’s energy. I never considered myself an empath, but I’m now beginning to understand why I feel so much of everyone else’s pain, happiness, sadness, etc. And boy, do I let the saboteur inside of me shake my confidence & lead me down a different path. Thanks for your supportive advice!

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  6. Great timing, Lisa! The Saboteur is an interesting character and one I’m learning to appreciate for what it is. Thank you for the inspiration and words of wisdom!

    Life is an amazing adventure…

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  7. Beautiful post Lisa! Creativity is such a trigger for many of us and can increase the volume of our inner critic. Awareness is always the key. I just shared this quote by Vironika Tugaleva in my newsletter this morning: “The greatest tool of self-love is self-awareness. Once you truly know yourself, love is the only option.” Thank you so much!

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  8. Ah…my inner obnoxious 6 year old. She comes in from time to time but these days, I invite her in when I see her lurking in the shadows. I invite her to see what I’m doing and how no harm will come when I put it out there. If you look closely, you’ll find her painting with me these days 🙂

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  9. This just struck a chord with me as I never thought to make friends with the saboteur. I’m always finding ways to block it out and pretend it’s not there. And it is there, in actuality, when I find myself stagnant and not moving forward, although I know I want to move forward. Thank you for this simple, yet compelling way to move past this.

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