How to Effectively Heal Your Body with Intuitive Listening

Most of us when we feel unwell, search outside of ourselves for a solution. You want to feel better now! This is fueled by feelings of anxiety, pain and suffering. Sometimes you find a quick fix. Most often you end up worse off than you started or back to square one.

When you look within yourself rather than react to fear, you will know without a doubt which direction to go. If you already use your intuition in your daily life and work, you may find this easier than those who have difficulty trusting their inner voice. I am going to lay out the steps you can take here and then recommend a book I recently read to help you begin your own healing journey. If you require more assistance in the future, such as spiritual coaching or psychotherapy, I am here for you.

How to Tune into Your Intuition

Create Quiet- It is best to be in an environment where you will not be disturbed. This ensures you hear the wisdom of your soul.

Author David Rome uses GAP: Grounded Aware Presence to describe how to connect to your felt sense. I will summarize his points here. There is a lot more interesting information in his book, which I will list below.

  1. Feel the weight of your body and where you are sitting. Once you feel solid upon the earth say the word , grounded.
  2. Bring your attention to your head. Focus on your hearing and assign a simple mental label, such as car horn, breathing, etc. Once you sense the space around you, say the word, aware.
  3. Place your hand on your heart and experience you being here. Once you appreciate your existence, say the word, presence.

Ask your body what messages it has for you. What do you need me to know at this time? You can mentally take note of what you hear or write it down. Be with your body. Hold the space. Acknowledge and use your empathy skills on yourself. What do you need? This answer will be different for all of us. It could be go to a doctor, a need for rest or more inner attending like this. Take the next steps.

Thank your body for its messages and reassure your body you are always here to listen. Make time to listen again soon.

Your Body Knows the Answer Using Your Felt Sense to Solve Problems, effect Change & Liberate Creativity by David I. Rome

How Do You Intuitively Heal Your Body & Life?

Lisa Hutchison LMHC is a licensed psychotherapist and writing coach. She works for caring professionals, who want to prevent or treat compassion fatigue. Her specialty is teaching stress management, assertiveness and boundary setting. Lisa is the Amazon bestselling author of I Fill My Cup: A Journal for Compassionate Helpers and the kindle book Setting Ethical Limits for Caring & Competent Professionals. Get a FREE 10 page E-book; Why Compassionate People Run Out of Energy and What You Can Do About It at

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How to Get out of a Creative Rut

There are many reasons or theories why we find ourselves blocked creatively. Sometimes you will need to take action, while other times, you will need to heal the underlying root cause first. In this blog, I will discuss a few reasons why the inspirational flow seems to dry up and then you will learn how to get back into the flow again.

Why are you experiencing a creative block?

Fearful thoughts

Many creative blocks are born within your own mind. Faulty or distorted thinking can throw a wrench into any kind of artistic work.

Your thoughts are powerful. If you believe, you aren’t good enough, have a fear of success or even a fear of visibility, you will struggle with these areas. Cognitive therapy works well to restructure insecure thoughts and create a new reality.

Is trauma at play?

For some, the block may not be in their thoughts but rather a trauma reaction. Trauma re-wires your brain away from the creative process into a protective process of fight, flight or freeze syndrome. In this instance; heal the trauma, heal the creative block.

Are you absorbing other’s energy?

When you spent time with a person who is jealous or insecure of your success, you will be on the receiving end of unsupportive comments or actions. If you are dealing with a person who has a personality disorder, these behaviors can be downright abusive.

The problem occurs when you accept their negative thoughts as true or take their behavior personally. In these instances, your creative energy is vulnerable to becoming blocked. Proper energetic boundaries are needed to deflect other’s negativity and lower energies. As an empath or empathic person, you need to ask; Is this me or someone else’s energy I am absorbing and living out?

What can a creative do?

Don’t think, just do.

For some people, it isn’t important to know why their creativity is blocked but rather to take some form of action. If you are amongst this group, exploring thoughts and feelings aren’t as important as moving forward. You know and trust, you are creative. It will return again through taking the proper steps.

Schedule dates in your calendar to be creative. Creativity just doesn’t happen for some of us, it comes through commitment and work. Make a plan each day to write, sing or paint.

Let it all go!

The more you try to make the writing or art happen, the worse it gets. Do anything else but the creative work. Release any resistance and fear.

Try something brand new or something you haven’t done in a really long time.

When you feel bored or stagnant, creativity suffers. Many people have been feeling as if they have been living in a Groundhog Day movie because of the pandemic. You know, the same routine day in and day out. Even though the restrictions are lifted, it does not mean the energy magically shifts. Try a new creative activity or pull out something you haven’t done in a long time.

Go within.

Listen to the wisdom of your soul. What would make you happy right now? Go and do that. Sit and breathe, allow any and all feelings to surface. Feel them and release them.

Don’t give up.

National bestselling author, Julia Cameron, who wrote, The Artist Way said, “It is through quantity that you find quality.” Write down all your ideas and suspend judgment. You need one really good idea for a concept or for your creativity to take off. Believe, hold hope close to your heart and have faith.

Practice being open.

We have all been through a lot this past year. It is challenging to be open and feel when you have experienced heartache. It is through the state of “being”, ideas flow into your mind and heart. Remember, the best creative works come from our darkest hours. You can help others through the struggles you face.

Get support.

Every successful, happy, and healthy creative seeks out support from others. Psychotherapy sessions, with a licensed professional, work with you to help you heal and uncover hidden motivations, faulty thoughts and trauma. Together, we release patterns that block your growth and creativity.

What causes your creative ruts and how do you get out of them?

Lisa Hutchison LMHC is a licensed psychotherapist and writing coach. She works for caring professionals, who want to prevent or treat compassion fatigue. Her specialty is teaching stress management, assertiveness and boundary setting. Lisa is the Amazon bestselling author of I Fill My Cup: A Journal for Compassionate Helpers and the kindle book Setting Ethical Limits for Caring & Competent Professionals. Get a FREE 10 page E-book; Why Compassionate People Run Out of Energy and What You Can Do About It at

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7 Simple Ways to Calm an Overstimulated Mind

We all have experienced an excess of energy, known as an overstimulated mind. This occurs when you exceed your brain’s ability to process information. The result is a lack of clarity with your thoughts, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, headaches, digestive issues and even heart palpitations.

The biggest culprits of overstimulation

Modern Technology-Searching the internet, social media surfing and working too many hours on the computer, all contribute to overstimulation. It is not unusual to have multiple windows open and running in the background. This is symbolic of our own minds, trying to be in the present moment, yet getting distracted by x, y and z.

Obsessive Thinking- Many people believe the more time you think about a problem, the faster you get to a solution. The opposite occurs because you can get stuck in obsessional thinking. Over thinking is an attempt to control and is fueled by anxiety. The more anxious and out of control you feel, the faster you run on the hamster wheel. Getting no where, fast.

Analysis Paralysis- Creative people are blessed and cursed with too many thoughts. Too much head energy can lead to creative and writer’s block. Analysis paralysis is often fueled by perfection. Your mind falsely believes there is only one right action and fears you won’t choose the right one.

How do you get out of this behavioral loop?

No matter what causes overstimulation, the solution is to let go and begin small. Slow your brain down in order to give yourself a chance to pause, think and respond. Now you have the power to choose what to do next. Here, I outline seven ways to get you started.

  1. Unplug from Social Media for at least one day a week. Give your brain a break.
  2. Have a Healing Session– Some examples are: Reiki helps you release energy and restore balance. You may also want to move the excess energy from the head into the heart, through your breath and conscious intention. Place one hand on your forehead and the other on your chest. As you breathe slowly envision the energy balancing between the head and heart. Massage grounds your energy and establishes a connection with the physical body. Psychotherapy can help you gain self-awareness and insight. Find out why you are busy and distracted. Not only will you release stress but also learn new coping strategies. Having a psychological evaluation can determine if other mental health issues are contributing to overstimulation.
  3. Write- Get all of the thoughts in your head out and onto the page in fifteen minutes. Use creativity as a vehicle to transform chaos into calm.
  4. Meditation and Mindfulness– Slowing down the brain and your impulses will help you be in the present moment and make healthier choices. Combine walking with mindfulness, to shift the energy. Do something physical to move the energy from your head into your body. Go for a walk, clean the kitchen or your closets.
  5. Avoid Crowds and Large Gatherings- Minimize shopping online and in stores as much as possible, until your mind feels at peace again.
  6. Rest and Replenish- Create quiet. Turn off the TV, radio, computer and be alone with your thoughts. Create stillness and drink lots of water. Get out into nature.
  7. Pray. Connect to your Higher Self. Ask for healing and guidance from the Divine. Accept and Surrender. Admit you are overthinking and choose to give up control. The serenity prayer can work wonders in this type of situation. The world will not fall apart if you let go of your thoughts. In fact when you let go of busy thoughts, inspiration has room to enter your mind with new ideas.

To further prevent and decrease overstimulation, you may want to read: Important Information about How Your Senses Get Overloaded

Lisa Hutchison LMHC is a licensed psychotherapist and writing coach who helps sensitive souls not just survive but shine. She is the Amazon bestselling author of I Fill My Cup: A Journal for Compassionate Helpers and the kindle book Setting Ethical Limits for Caring & Competent Professionals. Get a FREE 10 page E-book; 8 Simple Things That Release Chaos from Your Life Now at

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Why Archangel Gabriel is the Best Writer’s Angel

Why Archangel Gabriel is the Best Writer's Angel

There are many angels and archangels to assist a writer with their creative practice. If you are looking for specialization, Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel, who works with writers and all communicators. When you write and publish your book, you will also need to market your book. Gabriel can help with every step in this process.

Archangel Gabriel gives motivation, courage, and opportunities to those who feel guided to write. The desire to write is a signal, this is a part of your life purpose. Those who have repetitive thoughts such as, I want to be a writer, are receiving Divine guidance to express heavenly messages through a book, article, blog, or other medium. In some cases, Gabriel will suggest journaling or keeping a diary as a way to open up and receive inspiration. Whatever form your writing takes, the process of putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard is soul stirring.

My personal call

I first received the message to be a writer in 2009, after a thyroid cancer scare. I prayed to God. “What can I do?” I heard, be a writer. I had the surgery to remove half of my thyroid gland and nodule in 2009. When I returned home, I was informed my first article was published. This lead to numerous other magazine publications, my stories being published in soon to be three Chicken Soup for the Soul Books, various #1 international bestselling anthology books, continuing education writings, guest blogging and meditation recordings. In 2019, my first self-published book: I Fill My Cup: A Journal for Compassionate Helpers became an Amazon best seller, in addition to Setting Ethical Limits: For Caring and Competent Professionals kindle book.  I also teach others how to improve their creative writing through various classes and individual coaching sessions.

How will I know I am connecting with Gabriel?

  1. You will be drawn to children- This archangel, spoke to Elizabeth and Mother Mary to tell them about the birth of their sons. Gabriel also helps Moms and children. You may find yourself being drawn to children in your family or circle of friends more. Gabriel plants this seed to help children but also connects you with play and laughter. Being carefree and silly, boosts creativity and your mood. This lightheartedness keeps you motivated to write.
  2. Seeing or hearing trumpets- Since, Gabriel is the messenger angel, you may see or hear a trumpet. I read a book about Gabriel and visited Prince Edward Island, Canada. As we drove by a cemetery, I was compelled to stop. There were two beautiful Gabriel statues with trumpets.

img6 (2)

Some other ways to recognize Gabriel:

Hearing or reading references to Gabriel

Meeting people named Gabriel

A sudden, strong desire to write

Feeling Gabriel is with you

Many artists pray to Gabriel to assist with their creative work

Writers and speakers, work with Gabriel to clearly communicate their message. Gabriel helps with all types of communication. This includes email, texts, the online world, journaling, speaking, publications and writing a memo. I work with Gabriel when I coach or teach writing. You may also find certain publishers and agents, who are open to Gabriel’s energies.

Your sensitivity and creativity are Divine gifts. Nurture your dreams by embracing and expressing these parts of yourself. Ask for spiritual support and you will not only heal yourself but also others.

To further your self-exploration

I highly recommend Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards, you can purchase this deck on Each week, I keep a couple of openings available for thirty minute angel card readings through Zoom or by phone, schedule your reading here.

Lisa Hutchison LMHC is an Amazon bestselling author of, I Fill My Cup: A Journal for Compassionate Helpers and Setting Ethical Limits: For Caring and Competent Professionals. She is also a contributor in soon to be three Chicken Soup for the Soul Books. Lisa is a writing coach, who utilizes her publication knowledge, psychotherapy skills and intuition to help writers express themselves through the written word. Ms. Hutchison has been connecting with the angels for over 20 years and is a certified angel card reader.  

Why Angels are Important in the Manifestation Process

Why Angels are Important in the Manifestation Process

Growing up, my Mom told me everyone has a guardian angel. This angel is with you since birth helping you throughout your life. It was 20 years ago, I bought my first angel card oracle deck. I had a tarot deck, animal oracle cards and rune cards yet I preferred my connection to the angels. I found them to be gentle and direct with their guidance, which is the perfect combination for an empath like me. From there, I bought thirteen angel card decks, a mediumship card deck and a goddess oracle card deck.

The angels have helped manifest many goals and intentions. They guided me to release what blocked my progress and where to increase my energy. I have found angels can help with anything, from the mundane areas of life to the most important. Your only limitation is your own mind because any area of life is a possibility for growth. All you have to do is ask!

Here are some specific areas angels help with the manifestation process, remember the list is endless.

1.) Find work you love and live your life’s purpose. When you are uncertain, the angels can show you how to increase your confidence, be more assertive, hone in on your skills and interests. Archangel Michael’s specialty is work and life purpose.

2.) Heal chronic pain and health issues. When you have tried everything you can think of, turn to the angels. Angels give you the hope to try something new in regards to your health whether you are suffering on a mental, physical or spiritual level. They give you gentle guidance to take the next step and improve your well being. Archangel Raphael is a magnificent healer.

3.)  Find your soulmate or the love you desire.  Looking for love? The angels can tell you the areas you need to heal in order to open up and attract a partner. They also give guidance to those who are in established relationships whether it is to bring in more romance and passion or how to let go of a relationship.

4.) Heal Your Grief– The angels give you comfort and help put things into perspective in a time where everything is turned upside down. Often they have connected me and my clients with deceased loved ones (humans and animals) in order to resolve unfinished business.

5.) Children and Creativity- Angels remind you to be lighthearted and to play. They can help you with fertility and pregnancy, through all the years of your child’s development. Archangel Gabriel loves to assist with children and creative writing.

6.) A New Home- Ask for the angels help in finding a new home or selling your current one. They can help with financing to relocation issues. Once you move in, they can assist you in making your house a home.

Lisa Hutchison LMHC is a licensed psychotherapist, certified angel card reader and Divine Channel. With over 15 years experience as a mental health counselor she gives you the encouragement, guidance and support you need to take the next step forward. If you would like an individual reading for angels or mediumship contact Lisa as she offers in person and phone readings all over the world. 

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3 Ways to Outsmart Creative Saboteurs and Be Successful

Creative saboteurs are sneaky and underhanded due to the subconscious fears they project. Often like the boogeyman in the closet, these fears lose power once faced head on. Whether they appear from your family, a friend or even a colleague, their main goal is to block your progress. The biggest saboteur that I have encountered is within myself.


Lisa Hutchison Connecting Empathic Helpers & Artist to Spirit (c) 2016

My personal journey

I have been enjoying a great flow of creative success coming off of two bestselling collaborative books, obtaining a contract for a CEU I have written for licensed therapists and hearing that Chicken Soup for the Soul is publishing my story, Focusing on What Have in a second book devoted to Mom’s. In addition, I accepted an opportunity to speak at my women’s business networking group presenting a creative group activity. At first, I was happy and then scared sh*tless. I felt off physically, mentally and emotionally which was different than the normal performance anxiety. To dig deeper and release what I no longer needed, I scheduled a healing session.

During my session, I received the following messages from my angels; “You are doing good and you can do this.” These reassuring statements put me at ease, which allowed me to hear the next message delivered in the form of one word, “saboteur.” That message struck a chord of truth within me. I told this saboteur energy, I know you are trying to protect me but I can do this. After I spoke up and faced this inner demon, I heard snippets of various lyrics all featuring the word “love.” Through this Reiki healing session balancing my energies and my inner awakening, I felt 100 % better!

Let’s look a little deeper at the saboteur energy

The saboteur energy causes disruption when you are experiencing a flow of success. It is based on subconscious fears that we all have within our psyche. Some people turn this energy outward to destroy another person’s success, while others turn it inward to block their own success.

As an empath, you always need to ask is this me or someone else’s energy I am absorbing and living out? Often times it is both and here is why. When you are around a person who is jealous or insecure of your success they speak comments or show behaviors to you that are less than supportive. If you are not protecting your energies and keeping a present moment awareness, you take the ball and run with it, believing these fears and blocking your own success.

What is a creative to do?

  1. Awareness– Get to know your inner saboteur and make friends with him or her. Listen and observe how this energy shows up in your life.
  2. Acknowledging– When this energy shows up, talk to the fear and thank him or her.
  3. Action– Take action to show you can do this! Step into your power and take the next step with confidence and ease.


If you get hung up on any step, seek support.

Every successful, happy and healthy creative gets support from others. Healing sessions are wonderful for releasing old patterns as you grow as I have demonstrated in this piece. Psychotherapy sessions are essential for uncovering hidden motivations such as the saboteur and bringing them to light.

3 Ways to Overcome Creative Saboteurs (1)


More about Lisa: Lisa Hutchison is a licensed mental health counselor with over 14 years of experience offering therapy sessions in person and by phone. As an international bestselling author, she understands the ups and downs of the creative life and will show you specific ways to get you unstuck. As a certified angel card reader she channels the angels messages to help you move forward in clear, gentle ways.


10 Ways to Support Your Favorite Creative

Creativity does not get the same validation in society as other professions.  Where would you be without beautiful works of art to decorate your home, music that reaches in and soothes your soul after a long hard day or the inspirational words of your favorite writer giving you the encouragement to reach for your dreams?  Let’s face it, the creative arts keep us all going in tough times often expressing an inner yearning that we can not yet reach through our own words and expressions. In order to honor those who have given so much, here are ten ways to acknowledge and support those who work in creativity.

  • Buy her products, artwork, books, classes and articles

Money is an energy that you can use to support your favorite creative.  This world is a material one and your creative will need cash flow in order to continue the work that you and she loves.

  • Leave a kick ass review/testimonial

Putting your appreciation into words is a great gift.  When you write a review state what product you bought and how it has changed your life in a positive way.  One way to do this is to describe a before and after scenario.

  • Like/Share and Comment in Facebook posts about her blogs, business & products

Social media works great when others like, comment and share.  If a post has no likes, comments or shares it will not last long in the news feed.  Likes are wonderful, consider also leaving a comment which makes a more personal connection. Facebook places items with lots of attention into the news feed for more people to feast upon.

  • Tweet!

Use your 140 words or less and give a shout out to your creative.  Tweet about their products, blogs or ask others to follow especially on Fridays with #FF.

  • Pray & send her positive blessings

Your thoughts are a powerful energy.  When you send up prayers for your creative and her business it make a difference and is greatly appreciated.

  • Comment on an actual blog post

When you comment on the actual blog post, others who are bloggers on that same system will get an opportunity to read it and follow future blogs.  This helps your creative get noticed and build a loyal base of followers.

  • Become a benefactor/make a donation to her

If you have the money and want to donate to a good cause, consider the creative in your life.  Most creatives are not classified as non –profits, your money most likely would not be tax-deductible.  Although, you could support a mission or cause that you believe in on a deeper level.

  • Send her a thank you note or card for service well done

Thank you notes and cards are original ways to connect with your creative and give them a boost of encouragement.  This becomes a keepsake for the creative who can look back and read these positive messages on those dark days.

  • Refer your friends and family to her

There is no bigger compliment than telling others that you trust and like a certain creative’s products.  You may not realize that one of the best ways to boost a business is through word of mouth like yours.  You have a power, go out and use it for good.

  • Encourage her when she feels down

Be a kind ear and motivator.  It is tough work being a creative.  She has to learn how to ride the biggest waves of success and the lowest points of no responses or rejections.  There are many times your creative will want to give up, don’t let her!

In the next 3 months, I am asking you to commit to supporting your favorite creative even more.  This could mean adding in a couple of new ways to help that you have not tried before or doing what you are currently doing on a deeper level.  As a creative, I thank you.  For what you do to help one creative helps us all.

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