About Lisa Hutchison LMHC

Hi, I am Lisa Hutchison.  I write about compassionate helpers, who want to prevent or stop compassion fatigue. My blogs are about protecting, as well as rejuvenating and refilling your drained personal energy. I do this because the world needs healers like you, now more than ever.

Some of my most popular blogs are here:

Are you Making Up Stories? Anxiety’s Influence On the Mind

Why Narcissists Overreact When They Don’t Get Their Way

What Helpers Like You Need to Know About Burnout

One of my personal favorite blogs I wrote is:

Are you the Ultimate Mirror? Recognizing Your Empathic Abilities

About Me:

I identify as an empath and compassionate helper. I know all too well the fatigue, anxiety and depression that comes from endless giving, with no self-care or boundaries. This is why I am so passionate about what I do! 

I am a licensed mental health counselor, with over 19 years of experience combining psychotherapy, spiritual life coaching, and expressive art techniques for all ages of adults.

I work with adults of all ages and writing levels; from beginner to published writer for individual creative writing coaching. My small group classes are held in Middleboro, MA, at senior centers, colleges and even at your own home or business.  

Being a writer myself, I offer a unique perspective on self and traditional publishing. I am the bestselling author of I Fill My Cup: A Journal for Compassionate Helpers and Setting Limits for Caring and Competent Professionals kindle book. I am also a published contributor in three Chicken Soup for the Soul books, two #1 international bestselling anthology books and numerous national magazine publications. My advice has been featured in ReadersDigest, The Huffington Post, Parade Magazine and more. 

Something you may not know about me is, I offer certified angel card readings to my clients who want to resolve unfinished business, find a soul mate and connect to work they love. You may want to check out my readings each full and new moon on my YouTube channel: Lisa Hutchison LMHC

You may also be interested in my FREE gift Why Compassionate People Run out of Energy and What You Can Do About It PLUS 8 Simple Things that Release Chaos Now! at http://www.lisahutchison.net   

Disclaimer- These blogs are for educational purposes and are not meant to replace psychotherapy. The advice and strategies found here may not be suitable for every situation. 


Copyright ©️ 2015 – 2021 connectingempathichelpersandartiststospirit.wordpress.com– Lisa Hutchison LMHC – All rights reserved. All writing is my own unless otherwise noted.

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