About Lisa Hutchison LMHC

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Hi I am Lisa Hutchison.  I write about professional empaths in order to empower sensitive souls to not only survive but shine. I do this because the world needs your sensitivity in order to heal and grow.

As an empathic helper and artist, I understand the pressures and demands of your life. I love teaching you how to recharge and rejuvenate your drained energies, helping you manifest what you want/need.

My background:

I am a licensed mental health psychotherapist, with over 16 years of experience combining psychotherapy and life coaching increasing the confidence and clarity of of business professionals, healers, artists and more.

am a writing coach who helps writers get their words made more visible to others while busting through writers block. I teach classes throughout MA on a variety of writing topics. 

I offer certified angel card readings to my clients who want to resolve unfinished business, find a soulmate and connect to work they love.

I am a contributing author in 2 Chicken Soup for the Soul books; The Power of Positive and For Mom with Love.  I am an #1 international bestselling author in these anthology books; 365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul and 365 Life Shifts. A bestselling author in the anthology kindle book Unleash Your Inner Magnificence.

I offer all my individual sessions by phone and in person. For more information visit my website and get my FREE Gift- 8 Simple Things that Release Chaos Now! http://www.lisahutchison.net   

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As seen in


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