Why Angels are Important in the Manifestation Process

Why Angels are Important in the Manifestation Process

Growing up, my Mom told me everyone has a guardian angel. This angel is with you since birth helping you throughout your life. It was 20 years ago, I bought my first angel card oracle deck. I had a tarot deck, animal oracle cards and rune cards yet I preferred my connection to the angels. I found them to be gentle and direct with their guidance, which is the perfect combination for an empath like me. From there, I bought thirteen angel card decks, a mediumship card deck and a goddess oracle card deck.

The angels have helped manifest many goals and intentions. They guided me to release what blocked my progress and where to increase my energy. I have found angels can help with anything, from the mundane areas of life to the most important. Your only limitation is your own mind because any area of life is a possibility for growth. All you have to do is ask!

Here are some specific areas angels help with the manifestation process, remember the list is endless.

1.) Find work you love and live your life’s purpose. When you are uncertain, the angels can show you how to increase your confidence, be more assertive, hone in on your skills and interests. Archangel Michael’s specialty is work and life purpose.

2.) Heal chronic pain and health issues. When you have tried everything you can think of, turn to the angels. Angels give you the hope to try something new in regards to your health whether you are suffering on a mental, physical or spiritual level. They give you gentle guidance to take the next step and improve your well being. Archangel Raphael is a magnificent healer.

3.)  Find your soulmate or the love you desire.  Looking for love? The angels can tell you the areas you need to heal in order to open up and attract a partner. They also give guidance to those who are in established relationships whether it is to bring in more romance and passion or how to let go of a relationship.

4.) Heal Your Grief– The angels give you comfort and help put things into perspective in a time where everything is turned upside down. Often they have connected me and my clients with deceased loved ones (humans and animals) in order to resolve unfinished business.

5.) Children and Creativity- Angels remind you to be lighthearted and to play. They can help you with fertility and pregnancy, through all the years of your child’s development. Archangel Gabriel loves to assist with children and creative writing.

6.) A New Home- Ask for the angels help in finding a new home or selling your current one. They can help with financing to relocation issues. Once you move in, they can assist you in making your house a home.

Lisa Hutchison LMHC is a licensed psychotherapist, certified angel card reader and Divine Channel. With over 15 years experience as a mental health counselor she gives you the encouragement, guidance and support you need to take the next step forward. If you would like an individual reading for angels or mediumship contact Lisa as she offers in person and phone readings all over the world. 

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21 thoughts on “Why Angels are Important in the Manifestation Process

  1. What a beautiful post and just what I needed today to manifest my deepest desires. My favorite archangel is Michael and have been calling on him and all his friends to support my steeping into more of a spiritual leadership role with my business, purpose and life. Thank you dear heart for your exquisite energy xo

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  2. I do believe we have guardian angels that protect us and keep us from harm, Lisa. Earlier this year, I discovered a new daily gratitude practice from Kyle Gray where we acknowledge the presence of angels in our life. I do it first thing in the morning and find the day is productive, even when things may be chaotic.

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  3. Ooops sorry Lisa, pressed the wrong thing and then unfollowed you.. But quickly sorted it..

    What a great post.. I left a long message then the screen did a flip and that’s how I pressed the right of the screen instead of post comment..

    In brief what I said was yes I have asked the angels to heal my life.. and health problems.. And often consulted the Angel cards.. Especially Doreen Virtues decks.
    But one thing people forget to do is to give angels permission to heal.. and help.. For we are served with Free Will and Angels are not allowed to interfere with our Free will unless we ASK.. Its vital we ASK them.

    I have been given valuable insights often from those unseen realms.. When we ask we are given, but perhaps not always as we expect the answers to turn up…
    The Signs are always there, if we learn to look for them..

    Many thanks Lisa for this valuable post..
    LOVE and LIGHT ❤

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  4. No worries Sue, it is all good 🙂

    What I have noticed is people complain about their situation because they are unhappy and stuck, I get it. In order to change your life, one must surrender and ask for help. People think by expressing pain that is asking for help, it is not.

    I am glad you have reached out to the unseen realms and received. Sometimes there is a much bigger and better solution than we can see and ask for. Always remain open and trust in the Divine plan, it is all for your highest and greatest good.

    It is a pleasure to see your writings on my blog’s comments, thanks!

    Many Blessings, Lisa xx


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