How to Awaken Your Psychic Abilities

How to Awaken Your Psychic Abilities

Empaths are naturally psychic due to the ability to tune into their own intuition and the energy surrounding them. What gets in the way of receiving clear communications are the absorption of other people’s energy and taking them on as your own. Once you learn how to protect and rejuvenate your energy, you can easily develop a connection to spirit.

Being psychic is not about doing, it is about allowing spiritual information to come to and through you. I became a Reiki Master and Certified Angel Card Reader years ago. Strange as this sounds, the recent improvement in my psychic skills did not come from formal practice or training. Today, I find the more I do my personal development work of letting go and remaining open to the moment, the stronger my connection becomes. This is what makes me a better psychic and it will make you one too.

My Psychic Journey

I often talk about my professional counselor journey and shy away from my psychic development but spirit has been confronting me to come forward now more than ever.

I had my first psychic experience at the age of five, after my Dad’s death. Since, I was  young, I did not understand what was happening and felt scared of this power to connect. My fear shut it down rather quickly.

I kept my abilities under wraps for ten years until my brother in law’s death. Being an adolescent, I was more open to spirit communication and allowed him into my life and dreams. He helped me heal and reconnect to my spiritual abilities again.

The same year, I had a crisis of faith because I felt angry with God. I left the Roman Catholic Church because of this. This breaking away allowed me to re-connect with God on a deeper level, outside the walls of a church. I found God was in everything and everyone who flowed Divine energy. At first, I felt safer connecting with the angels rather than human or animal spirits. The past couple of years, I found a re-connection to Jesus and Mother Mary by receiving their messages through meditation and Reiki sessions.

2018- A year of expansion 

I have had three experiences in the last few months with human spirits and a couple with Mother Mary which I will share.

Apparition of Mom on April 17th– My husband captured this picture of my deceased Mom sitting in my car. She appears younger than when she died. This is common with spirit appearances. Please note: there is no one physically sitting in my car and nothing is on my seat.


Mother Mary on May 6th– The night prior, I had trouble sleeping and prayed to God. About twenty minutes later, my Mother Mary alter fell off the shelf by itself. I felt startled but figured it was an answer to my prayer, picked up the picture, the other objects and fell asleep. In the morning, I turned on my salt lamp like I do every day and nothing happened. The salt lamp did not fall and was not hit because it was safe under the shelf yet the bulb inside the lamp burnt out. This is an example of how spirit uses energy to manifest.


The dream on May 21st- For an entire week, my Mom was in my dreams. Nothing special happened, but she was there as if we were living life. I enjoyed being with her as if her physical death never happened.

On the 21st, in between Mom dreams, I had another dream. I was in a support group talking about my first psychic experience after my Dad’s death. As I spoke, a shadow of a man wrapped his arms around me and I froze. I remembered this is the reaction I had in an initial dream after my Dad died. I relaxed in this dream and a mist appeared, it was my Dad’s face. I was directed by spirit to share this dream on social media, which I did. Those Mom dreams prior helped me relax enough to “see” and since my Mom’s apparition appeared in my car, this ability is strengthening.

Apparition of Dad on June 12th –On a recent vacation, I was drawn to make an unscheduled stop at the National Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Fatima. While I was there, I read about the children who saw Mary’s apparition. This reminded me of seeing my Mom’s apparition on April 17th. I then heard, “there will be more apparitions.” I didn’t expect it to be the next day! 


While my husband and I ate lunch at a diner, a man walked in who looked like my Dad. I stared at him because his face looked like mine and some of our relatives. It has been almost four decades since I had seen him. After feeling shocked, I went to look for this man throughout the restaurant and could not find him.

When we left, I asked my Dad for a sign from heaven and asked, “Was it really you?” I got three signs. Within a couple of minutes of leaving the restaurant, we saw a truck which read Mosquito Joe. His name is Joe. On the side of the truck it said, “Haven’t seen you outside in a while.” I felt a warm sensation and made a joke, “That is true it has been 39 years!”35331247_1030201303798738_8088048958879825920_n

Thanks for being a part of this journey with me. If you would like an angel card or mediumship reading in person or by phone email me to set up your appointment.  I am also available for counseling/coaching sessions to support and guide your spiritual, psychological, mental and emotional work through Lisa Hutchison LMHC.
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26 thoughts on “How to Awaken Your Psychic Abilities

  1. Lisa, I love that you are sharing this part of you. Dreams and visitations have been something I always experienced from people and animals, I have come to expect and accept them with love and gratitude and I am so delighted to learn that we never “end”.

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  2. The place to be for any psychic is country like Latvia. If you’ve never been there, you should check it out. There are healers, mind, palm and card readers, white and black witches school, psychic associations, certification committees and so on. Latvia is an extremely ancient place with all these many thousand year old castle ruins, ancient burial grounds, etc. and people always loved the magic of communication with spiritual worlds.
    Well, my grandmother and aunt from dad’s side were very gifted if you can call it like that. Grandmother could stop bleeding, close cuts and wounds, stop pretty much any pain with her words. I have some of words to guard and save me, I always carry them with me. The letters are what I do not know or understand, but she wrote that some 80 years ago and about 50 years ago she gave them to me. She taught me lots and lots about herbs and what they do. We never used anything from the drugstore, there simply wasn’t any. I regret I was so young yet to learn more.
    I believe I can do also all kinds of readings, and I actually did when I was living at university student hostel, I was simply reading palms and cards sometimes. There were lineups. However, I noticed soon bad and weird things started to happen, and I stopped it completely. That was 42 years ago. Never ever touched anything again.
    I am afraid of dreams. They come true. I saw when my dad was about to pass away. I was already in Canada. I was sleeping during the day, just resting which I usually don’t do. I saw my dad in his most favorite shirt which I gave him as a gift. At our former house which he had built. He looked very young. Very young and he looked somewhat very very distant. I woke up from my own tears. My sister called that night that he had passed away during that day at a hospital. I knew it. I was afraid to admit it but I clearly knew. I have seen very many dreams that came true.
    However, I am telling a bad dream to running water in the morning (needs to be before noon) to prevent it from happening. I do talk sometimes to candles or ask for protection.
    I have seen, heard, received messages. It mostly scared me terribly. I do admit I don’t want to do anything with that any more. I have kept my promise, never touched cards, never told anybody about their future again and my life sort of normalized after the accident and coma and all other disasters.
    It is great that you are willing to be a mediator between two separate worlds, but I was scared so often and one time I could not walk for 2 weeks after I woke up from the vision, that I know I will never get involved.
    However, it is what I said: would you like to meet hundreds of psychics and readers in their congresses, go to Baltics, go to Latvia sometimes. There are people who really can cure anything in Latvia, Lithuania, some parts of Russia. People also believe in curses over there, they believe in virgin wreath that does not allow getting married, respectable business people and millionaires all go to some kind of fortune tellers. I strictly believe in all of this,
    I adore that you are not afraid. I am also afraid of difficult passing away because many of that type of people really could not leave and pass away, it was so difficult for them.
    Before I came to Canada a gipsy woman literally told me that this was going to happen. I did not take her seriously at that time, I thought she wanted me to just buy her some food. Yes, it’s amazing.

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    • Latvia sounds like an interesting place Inese. I had scary experiences in the past, this is why I shut it down and stopped the flow of energy. Today, I am allowing what the Divine brings to me and it has been peaceful. I have found it is important and helpful to have boundaries on my energy, in general, because of my sensitivity. Years ago, I stopped seeing other readers and psychics because they could not read me. I learned this is because I can do it myself. I no longer search or try for answers but rather be open to the Divine’s light and love. I trust. I receive what I need for my highest and best good and the highest and best good for others.Thanks for sharing your personal and cultural experiences.

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      • It looks that you have found yourself again. We are all different, that is for sure.
        As energy, it might work without causing any troubles to the receiver.
        I read that what they do in Latvia (I’m mostly in Canada, just going back briefly and rarely, although, most family is there) is sort of mutual sharing of experiences and knowledge. It is very different from North American approach, way more magic to it, LOL.They definitely would not try reading you or anybody else unless somebody wants or insists on that.
        I think there are good reasons to turn to the nature for the sake of one’s healing and staying intact.
        I just recently saw a dream again, it is connected to Latvia. I washed it away under running water, but I will have to see when I arrive.
        My dad’s side, they were all busy with Taro and secret words and readings, etc. It worked to my surprise, I’d say always. However, I don’t want to receive any messages or hints or something else about the future.
        You must believe it is always good for people who ask for such readings. Maybe it is.
        It’s not popular in Canada. People here are more pragmatic and very much centered onto money and financials. No magic here, at least I haven’t met any person who seemed to be interested in psychic readings or similar. I saw that there had been a psychic where I was leasing the studio and gallery, but apparently they went out of business because they could not pay bills, lease and utilities. They most likely left in a hurry because leaflets offering psychic readings were everywhere, full boxes and also some other items which I had to get rid off very cautiously.
        It’s probably a popular thing in the States. I do not like what they show on TV about psychics. It’s either so totally overdone or completely general: you don’t need to be either psychic, or mind reader to do a basic guessing which was visible some of them did.
        I do use energy completely differently now: in art. I am very pleased when somebody comes in and they clearly feel it and recognize in paintings.
        I wish you all the best with keeping in steady contact with the flow of energy you receive. It sounds like it works well for you and other people also.

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        • I agree with not giving a reading to someone who does not ask for one. I have received messages for some of my clients. I have always asked their permission, if they would like to hear it.

          There are many ways to utilize energy, I am glad you do so through your art, Inese.


  3. Wow that was powerful especially this it is about allowing spiritual information to come to and through you
    we sometimes forget 😦
    I recently saw my mother and father sitting on my shoulder . they passed back on 2000 and 2002 and they came to me in meditation with a room full of angels xxooo thank you for sharing

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    • I am glad to hear this blog resonated with you Suzie. It makes it worth it to share this other side of myself. When I read about your experience with your parents, I saw the love and light surrounding you all! A beautiful moment. Thanks for sharing your recent psychic experience.


  4. So happy to read this personal tale dear Lisa, and you are right when we let go and trust, those physic abilities flow more easily.. My own mediumistic skills were developed this way many years ago, I was also a healer, { Spiritual Hands on Healing}
    What an amazing photo of your Mother in the car. and I could tell you of many experiences with spirit, I was pleased your Dad came through to you to get your attention the way he did.
    When we are open to the SIGNS we begin to see them more and more..
    Many thanks for sharing your experiences Lisa.. 😀

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  5. All I can say is your story sounds so much like mine. Except I’m where you were, if that makes sense. Disillusioned with my church and organized religion. I have just started to see that there is so much more out there to see! I feel a lot older than you but only a baby to what is in my own heart.

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  6. What amazing experiences Lisa! Thanks for sharing. It’s great to talk about and it makes me remember powerful experiences I’ve had – it’s amazing how easy they are to forget. Thanks 🙂 Sharon

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