Your Soul’s Messenger: Authentic Voice

Your authentic voice emanates from your heart and soul.  It is within that you find your unique frequency and essence seeking expression in the outside world. Speaking up sounds easy yet that expression is often the most challenging task for empathic helpers and artists to do because their focus is outward onto others.  Since, an empath’s natural tendency is to tune into others first it takes time, effort and support to switch gears; listening within.

As an empath, I easily identify authentic voices because of my ability to sense and feel a person’s energy and intentions.  More importantly, I know what it is like to not express my authentic voice.  I grew up being told to be quiet with the idea that children were to be seen and not heard.  I was very good at being invisible and not creating waves.  In the first grade, I required speech therapy because I could not pronounce the “th” in the word three, yet I could pronounce it with every other word.  When I said three it came out as free.  “One, two, free!”  Now as I am older I can appreciate that my true expression was emerging as I longed to be free.   How did this holding back affect me?  I experienced anxiety, depression and a host of physical illnesses.  What gets repressed gets expressed one way or another.

I got on the road to authentic expressions by first going to therapy.  Therapy taught me to identify my thoughts and feelings. I learned how to assert myself, stand behind what I said even when others did not like it.  I was at the point in my life that my health was more important than others approval.  I began to feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually.  These passions lead me to help others express themselves by becoming a licensed psychotherapist. In that position, I hold the space for others to connect to their sensitivity because I know that is your greatest strength. I honor and acknowledge that on a very deep level.

It wasn’t until I connected to my inner spirit and that of the Divine that I hit gold and got down to my soul.  Connecting within to your authentic self is important because it will give you the confidence, joy and ease that you are seeking in life. When I am expressing my inner self, yes sometimes my voice still shakes.  Other times I am confident and at ease.  Both expressions are beautiful because I am speaking about my inner most thoughts and feelings.  Whenever a person can do that, it is a victory!  No matter what comes out I will keep speaking and working with all of you creative helpers and artists who desire to find your authentic voice, protect your energies and trust your instincts.

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Your Soul's Messenger- Authentic Voice


18 thoughts on “Your Soul’s Messenger: Authentic Voice

  1. I love this story of how you pronounced 3 as “free” when you were a kid & how it lead you to be FREE as an adult! Learning to assert yourself and standing behind your thoughts, feelings and words has definitely allowed you to become your authentic self. So happy you found your confidence!

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  2. Oh, Lisa – I just love this: “When I am expressing my inner self, yes sometimes my voice still shakes. Other times I am confident and at ease. Both expressions are beautiful because I am speaking about my inner most thoughts and feelings. Whenever a person can do that, it is a victory!” Indeed!

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  3. Lisa,
    This has also been a part of my personal journey; I am an empath as well, I was not allowed to have a voice as a child either, and started to come back to myself through therapy, too. I am happy you have found your voice and are sharing it because clearly you have much to give.

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  4. Beautiful post, Lisa. Learning to connect with our true selves and to the wisdom of the Universe within us all opens the door to all possibility. I always love how you share from the authentic core of who you are and share your wisdom to light the way for others. xo

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  5. Love this post Lisa! Thank you for sharing your powerful journey. There is such freedom in connecting to your inner spirit and allowing your authentic self to show up. I came to understand that I feel the self-judgement of those around me and misinterpret it as my own. This was a huge breakthrough and allowed me to move forward with more ease and confidence in my own voice. xo

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