4 Unforgettable Life Lessons from Mom

My mom was a teacher by profession.  It was not surprising that she taught me so many lessons about life.  As I am approaching the four-year anniversary of her death on August 31st, I wanted to remember four life lessons that she taught me and share them with you.

In March 2011, my mom had a severe stroke which left her partially paralyzed on her entire right side.  I felt devastated thinking she could no longer be the independent woman that she was.  She had many deficits and needed a wheelchair.  That first night, I could not imagine her new life or my own.   In my visits from March 2011 until August 2011, she taught me a lot, including these four unforgettable life lessons.




  • Be in the present moment. I learned from this experience to focus on what we have.  Both of us were grateful for the capabilities she had and for the time we spent together.  She did not dwell on her losses but focused on being with me in the moment; first through writing then through talking. This crisis made it clear what was important in life; that was being together.


  •  To be connected to your own spirit and that of the Divine.  My mom often talked about her faith in God, even before the stroke.  After the stroke, she expressed to me that she thanked God every day that she was alive through prayer.  She had a great faith in God and what God could accomplish in her life.  Prior to her death, we were shown one miracle.


  •  To have acceptance.  Mom taught me that no matter what your circumstances are that you can enjoy your life.  She accepted her condition with peace; she did not let it affect her mood or positive attitude.  When her physical rehabilitation ended, I thought she would have had a setback because she gave it her all.  Instead she accepted it gracefully.


  • To remain curious.  Mom was open to learning.  She signed up for all sorts of activities at the nursing home and would tell me all about them.  In turn, she wanted to know all about my life since our last visit.  Limitations did not stop my mother.  She was determined to find creative ways to accomplish tasks that many stroke victims would do on their own.  She was an inspiration not only to me but also many others.

These practices did not heal her condition, although they freed her spirit.  Mom naturally expressed a positive attitude, which was never forced or feigned despite her challenges and hardships.  Her body was handicapped yet her will was not.  She never gave up on living that is my greatest lesson of all.

For that I thank you Mom,

With Much Love and Gratitude,

Your Daughter Lisa xx

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How to Identify an Ideal Channel

A channel is someone who allows Spirit, also know as the Divine, to flow and work through them.  I channel spirit when I read angel cards, perform individual psycho-spiritual therapy sessions, write and teach.  I first learned how to channel spirit through my Reiki training.  It is essential that a channel work to be a clear receiver and sender in order to deliver the best information to you.  In addition to being an open, clear channel, I have listed additional qualities to consider when hiring or working with others because not everyone who is “spiritual” is healthy.




1.) Ideal channels take care of themselves– They walk their talk by utilizing the healing modalities that they teach.  They seek out mentors and healers to keep themselves balanced.  They model what health looks like to others.  I feel strongly that I have done what I recommend.  It is very important to only recommend people and products that I trust.

2.) Ideal channels work from the heart space and not the ego– They do not create a dependency in which you need them.  After your time together you will feel lighter, motivated and inspired.  They give you the tools, trusting that your higher wisdom will lead the way.  Rather than tell you what to do they offer suggestions to empower you.  Your free will is respected at all times.  They do not take it personally when you choose differently than what they suggested.  They understand that there are many roads to healing.

3.) Ideal channels have great boundaries– They show up on time because they recognize that your time is valuable.  Which also means that they end sessions on time.  They minimize interruptions by shutting off their phone and focusing on you completely.  The healing space is honored as sacred, whether the session is taking place in person or by telephone.  This is not a time for them to share about their personal life unless it directly relates to your current situation.  There are times that sharing is a great healer because it shows us that we are not alone in our struggles.  Be aware that these sharing moments need to be brief , considering this is the time that you have paid for.  Your personal information is keep private.  They uphold your confidentiality.  If they need to cancel, notice is given. They return your phone calls within 24-48 hours and keep office hours.  If they are ill, they reschedule your session.

4.)Ideal channels clearly communicate– You know what to expect because the process is explained.  Whether it is a reading, class or individual session you start off knowing where you are going and have an idea of how you are going to get there.  You know what is happening, when it is happening and are asked to check in with any questions.  All fees and payment are clearly communicated up front before services take place.

Use your intuition when hiring or working with a channel or any type of light worker.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable, beyond the normal resistance which comes with any healing process, listen and leave.  Once you send out a desire to the Universe to connect with someone who can truly help you, you will receive.

Many Blessings!

Lisa xx

Lisa Hutchison works with Spirit to connect empathic helpers and artists to their own spirit and that of the Divine.  She offers individual psycho-spiritual therapy sessions  and angel card readings in person and by phone. Contact her at lisadhutch@verizon.net to schedule your appointment and for pricing.

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