How to be Peaceful in Any Storm

How many times have you wished you were in a different situation? Your storm may come in the form of unrest due to a societal or political event, a specific person who acts chaotic, an illness which disrupts your life, or even an accident.

While you are being tossed about by the winds of change, you look for a quick fix or solution to get out. We all have fallen into the trap of believing life will get easier when you reach a certain destination or goal. Do these thoughts sound familiar? I will be peaceful when I am rich, complete my degree, feel healthy or have better relationships. No matter what external force is causing disorder in your life, you can connect with peace now.

Your distress comes from within

Reaction causes an attachment to the person, event or circumstance and dis-empowers you. Many believe if I just can get my anger and outrage out onto someone else, I will feel better. Some psychological research indicates the more you sit with and express anger, the angrier you feel. Too much anger can keep you stuck.

Anger is a healthy signal indicating something within yourself needs to change, not the other person. People are more receptive to listening when you speak, calmly, from a place of power. Learn how to observe your feelings without getting enmeshed with them.

Peace, like happiness, is not achieved by focusing on what is missing or lacking. Your monkey mind’s thoughts jump around looking for scarcity, judging others and even yourself as wrong. When you wish or try to control others, you resist what is here right now. Let me ask you; What if you could be peaceful in this very moment, with all of its ugly warts and imperfections?

It is not the event or your current circumstances that cause overwhelm, but rather your thoughts, feelings and the stories you make up about it. You assign meaning because you are afraid of living in the unknown. Here is the kicker; sometimes the change you crave is the one you fear the most. If you could sit in this space, wisdom would emerge. Many times you avoid this experience and replay worn out scripts from the past.

What if… You could trust, you are where you need to be

Often when you stop and breathe, you acknowledge how safe and protected you are. There is a greater power at work. The truth is we don’t know what this moment is in the big picture of Life. This does not mean you need to sit around and do nothing. There are experiences to have and lessons to learn in this day. Accepting life as it is, heals you and allows new insights to reveal themselves to you.

Moving forward

Whatever is happening in your life or not, it’s okay. Embrace this extraordinary time and find your peace because it is right there inside of you, just waiting to flow.

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