The Answers You Need Are Within- Gemini Full Moon

Empathic helpers often have difficulty balancing their own needs and others. With great sensitivity comes a tendency to get caught up in other people’s energy. In our quest to put ourselves onto our ever growing list of priorities, sometimes we don’t communicate in healthy ways. Today, I am writing and including a video reading about the Gemini full moon, which occurs December 18th.

Full Moon Energy

Empathic helpers, being sensitive to energy, are often influenced by lunar and planetary changes. The good news is the more you are aware of these shifts, the better you can manage your moods and thoughts.

A full moon is a reminder to surrender to the Divine. You can let go of physical items, emotional baggage or creative blocks. Whatever is getting in the way of what you want in life, release it all. You can focus on letting go during the full moon and up to forty-eight hours afterwards.

The Gemini Full Moon

Gemini full moon tells you the answers you need are coming. Like the last moon in Sagittarius it indicates a new start, but first you need to clear away what is not needed.

This is a communication and social card, which makes sense for the holiday season. Keep in mind, some people are more anxious getting together than others. Work to have compassion for others and yourself. Listen more and then speak your truth.

A heart to heart conversation may take place at this time to clear the air between you and another person. Be aware, you may end up saying more than you want to. To avoid this, write down what you want to say and practice it. Logically, look at what is in front of you in terms of relationships, work, and health to move through any blocks. Remember your words have power, choose them wisely and remain calm. Full moons can heighten our emotions. It can be good to find the humor and detach from others emotions.   .

A part of this communication is listening within. Remember, you have the answers you need. Do not seek outside validation or confirmation for your opinions. Trust. Write down your dreams and pay attention to synchronicity. These are messages from the Divine showing you, you are on the right path.

With the full moon, be prepared for some kind of letting go. You may need to move on, in order to make room for the new. What needs to go? With the Gemini full moon, it could be a relationship. Listen deep within. Calm any nervous energy at this time, through meditation, prayer and being by the water.

This reading may resonate with you if you have a sun, moon or rising sign in Gemini or Sagittarius. All empaths, no matter what your astrological sign because you are sensitive to energies.

Video Reading

How can you improve your communication with others and yourself?

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