Time to Nurture Yourself- Cancer Full Moon/Mercury Retrograde

Empathic helpers often have difficulty balancing their own needs and others. With great sensitivity comes a tendency to get caught up in other people’s energy. In our quest to put ourselves onto our ever growing list of priorities, sometimes we don’t take the best care of ourselves. Today, I am writing and including a video reading about the Cancer full moon, which occurs January 17th and the current Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, January 14th – February 3rd

Full Moon Energy

Empathic helpers, being sensitive to energy, are often influenced by lunar and planetary changes. The good news is the more you are aware of these shifts, the better you can manage your moods and thoughts.

A full moon is a reminder to surrender to the Divine. You can let go of physical items, emotional baggage or creative blocks. Whatever is getting in the way of what you want in life, release it all. You can focus on letting go during the full moon and up to forty-eight hours afterwards.

The Cancer Full Moon

The full moon is a time to go within and release anything that is preventing you from moving forward. It could be emotions, thoughts or even physical items cluttering up your space.

Cancer full moon is a time to release all fears and insecurities. Remember you are always safe, Divinely guided and protected. Cancer is represented by the crab, as you see on this card. Sometimes it is best to go after what you want in a sideways manner, much like the crab scuttles to the side rather than coming at an issue head on. This can be effective when it comes to resolving personal matters, at this time. 

Full moons can heighten our emotions. Cancer being a water sign, this emotion energy is no exception. Take a breath, be mindful and watch the emotions rise and fall like ocean waves. You do not need to get attached to any one feeling or thing at this time. Cancer energy seeks security and true security is within, it is not in other people or things. As a feminine energy, family or housing issues may be on your mind. This energy is supportive of both. Practice acceptance, kindness and love. 

Meditate around and on the day of the full moon and write down your impressions. You can speak your truth and set limits with kindness.

Write down your dreams and pay attention to synchronicity. These are messages from the Divine showing you, you are on the right path.

With the full moon, be prepared for some kind of letting go. You may need to move on, in order to make room for the new. What needs to go? It could be a relationship. Listen deep within. Calm any nervous energy at this time, through meditation, prayer and being by the water.

Mercury Retrograde

This mercury retrograde began January 14th and will go until February 3rd. Mercury retrograde energy can mess with your communications, technologies and create travel snafus. Go slower than usual, this won’t be too difficult because you will feel the energy slowing down at this time. Double check those emails and texts before sending. Maybe even your words before you express them to your family, friends or partners. Your communication issues will most be affected by those close to you. Take a deep breath, pause then talk.  When you have difficulty with others send them some light or say a prayer for them. Don’t get caught up in other people’s drama. It wastes not only your time but also your precious energy.

Become more fluid and flexible with your plans and goals, rather than stick to a rigid routine. If you have noticed this advice has worked well living in a pandemic. Focus on your creativity and what you most want to let go of. This is a time to re-do, re-think, and re-plan.

Let’s pick some cards to see what we need to focus on during this full moon Cancer.  This reading resonate with you b-day in Capricorn, Cancer, you have a sun, moon or rising. All empaths, no matter what your astrological sign because you are sensitive to energies.

Video Reading

How can you take care of you, better?

Lisa Hutchison LMHC is a licensed psychotherapist and writing coach. She works for caring professionals, who want to prevent or treat compassion fatigue. Her specialty is teaching stress management, assertiveness and boundary setting. Lisa is the Amazon bestselling author of I Fill My Cup: A Journal for Compassionate Helpers and the kindle book Setting Ethical Limits for Caring & Competent Professionals. Get a FREE 10 page E-book; Why Compassionate People Run Out of Energy and What You Can Do About It at http://www.lisahutchison.net

Check out my YouTube Channel: Lisa Hutchison LMHC

6 thoughts on “Time to Nurture Yourself- Cancer Full Moon/Mercury Retrograde

  1. Double whammy Lisa. Nothing like a good old full moon to accompany an erratic mercury retrograde. This week is a prelude to my chaos lol. At least I’m still smiling. For now. 🙂 Hugs xx

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  2. Great advice Lisa.. Nurturing and remembering to breatheeeee…. All things are transitionary and I feel we will see from the 14th Jan things beginning to move more swiftly in the communications front.. As we may get some enlightening news here or there 😉

    Love and Blessings Lisa… Keep your Light shining bright.. Much love
    Sue ❤

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