Are you the ultimate mirror? Recognizing your empathic abilities

Empaths are meant to be mirrors of energy, not sponges. As a compassionate helper, you have different spiritual potentials or paths within your own field of work. For example, you may explore creativity, personal truth, integrity or like myself, a path of expression. No matter what your destiny is, you are here to heal not only yourself but also others through your unique method. It doesn’t matter if you do this through writing, being a psychotherapist, medium, coach or nurse, as long as you are learning and growing, according to your life path.

Your life path will be your greatest joy and your biggest challenge. For example, I have encountered people who try to repress or control my personal expression. This occurs when someone is blocked and does not have a desire to grow in their own healthy expression. When I was younger, I absorbed their negativity and felt guilty for speaking up. Through years of healing and personal work, I understand the majority of this energy is their guilt and shame transferred onto me. Knowing this, I now mirror or reflect that energy back.

A Fun House of Mirrors

We all project our thoughts, feelings and ideas into the space around us. This makes you wonder; do I really see people as they are or how I want to see them?

The world of our ego wants to divide, keep people separate, have enemies and keep us all stuck in this illusion. This force seeks to control your environment and all the people in it. You think what you perceive is reality but it is so much more. Look beyond the surface and get to the real story, about ourselves and others.

The Mirror Works Both Ways

Most people don’t like the status quo to be challenged, even us empaths. There are times someone’s insecurity, fears, doubts and powerlessness sticks to your energy field. This is when you need to look at yourself and ask; are they mirroring back to me?

When you feel secure and are standing in your power, you will not feel a pull. If you feel a twinge in your gut or an annoyed feeling, it is sign you have work to do in this area. We are never finished projects, look for opportunities to grow and be grateful when this experience appears for you.

How to Mirror

  1. Become a witness and observe. Do not take what others say or do personally. Through mindfulness, which is the practice of being in the present moment, you will detach and see clearly. You may have an A-HA! moment saying to yourself, “This is your block, not mine.” When you are not affected, this is very easy to understand. Everyone on this planet needs lots of practice in this area.
  2. Learn about your life path. Self-awareness is essential for empaths. When you know who you are, your strengths and blind spots, you can recognize what is your psychological stuff and what is others. I highly recommend this book and have utilized it for over fifteen years, in my private practice. It accurately identifies, based on your date of birth, what, on a soul level, you came into this lifetime to achieve. The Secret Language of Destiny: A Complete Personology Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers
  3. Heal your issues. Where you are wounded, you attach to others pain and take it on as your own. Do not avoid what you feel. Learn how to be strong in your energy, despite feeling triggered. For myself, I needed to learn communication, assertiveness skills and self -esteem. When I express assertively, it may cause a reaction in someone else, but I know I am in the clear.

You may not mirror back perfectly. Often you do not have to say a word, it is best not to. Verbal mirroring is best kept to the psychotherapist office or coaching session. If you feel you must speak. Ask someone if he or she is open to feedback. You can simply say; Are you open to some feedback? If they are not looking for feedback, do an energetic mirroring with steps one through three above.

When you drop the scripts and stories in your head, you see a larger purpose. If someone else can’t see their illusions and projections, remember to detach from other people’s stuff. This is their karma not yours.

Lisa Hutchison LMHC is a licensed psychotherapist and writing coach who helps sensitive souls not just survive but shine. She is the Amazon bestselling author of I Fill My Cup: A Journal for Compassionate Helpers and the kindle book Setting Ethical Limits for Caring & Competent Professionals. Get a FREE 10 page E-book; 8 Simple Things That Release Chaos from Your Life Now at

24 thoughts on “Are you the ultimate mirror? Recognizing your empathic abilities

  1. Oh, Lisa! What truth you write and not only that, I understand perfectly for I happen to be an empath. I’ve had to pull far away from the world at large for in detoxing myself (still am) and working through core issues (TOUGH!) I’ve gotten super sensitive. I also know when something “bugs” me I’m either on the wrong path or something needs to be addressed inwardly. I also thank you so much for the link on the Destiny book. I used to have this book and for some reason I went through a phase where I threw some of my books out, just so weary of looking at books collecting dust. Now I’ve reordered it and look forward to getting it. Presently I’m in a phase where I am consulting oracle cards of all sorts, reading Holy Scripture, listening to Mother Nature and observing, and drastically and deliberately walking away from a world gone mad. Now I am a product of all the years of inner work I’ve done and still doing and know exactly how to put my life together in the fashion best for me. How exciting!! Again THANK YOU!! xo

    Liked by 2 people

    • You are most welcome! I am happy you connected with these messages, Amy.

      I love the Destiny book. I only recommend tools I use in my practice.

      I have always connected with nature but have found a renewed connection to God. It is interesting you mentioned oracle cards. The past month or so, I have felt a calling to post free readings on my You Tube channel. Here is the link if you are interested in today’s reading; Full moon tips for empaths.

      Many Blessings, Lisa xoxo

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  2. So, so true are your words here Lisa… So agree, learn about your path and delve deeper into those uncomfortable moments when our wounds surface and are raw… I recently as you know came upon such another deeply embedded wound…. A trigger reaction of feeling gagged… And I had to delve deeper into why that was..
    And in doing so you bring it up from your subconscious layers to look at it for what it is.. Then you are able to accept it for what is is.. and learn to release and let it go..

    Wonderful insights that are spot on and so right to be addressing at these times, when people are triggered into responses they do not fully understand the mirrors to which are being reflected to them..

    Love and Blessings dear Lisa… always a true pleasure to be here ❤
    Much Love 💚🙏

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  3. What a great post, Lisa. You always offer such vital information for us to live each day in the most healthy way possible. Everything you wrote was wonderful, but this line stood out:

    “When you drop the scripts and stories in your head, you see a larger purpose.”

    How true is this?!

    Sending love and hugs, Lauren

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Lauren. Your words means a lot to me. My intention is to help others in their day to day life.

      The brain has a way of imaging scenarios, which aren’t even true. I recently read a book on shamanism which talked about the importance of listening but not believing everything you hear. This includes on our minds.

      Many Blessings to you! I enjoy when you stop in and join the conversation. Happy Monday, Lisa xoxo

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  4. I am sensitive to my environment and the people in it. It’s normal for me to start sneezing when its hot outside and then it rains or snows (I was affectionately called the weather monitor by my family when I was young).

    As a clairsentient, I have to be even more careful not to pick up vibrations that aren’t mine and understand what feelings are mine and what I’m picking up, Lisa. Your tips are great, especially mirroring.

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    • I understand being sensitive to the weather and the environment, Vatsala. Boundaries are essential for clairsentients like us. Thank you, I am glad these tips were helpful to you! I appreciate you sharing your experiences. Many Blessings, Lisa


  5. I find myself wanting so much to help others out of their own dark or unhappy places that I let myself get frustrated when I can’t lead them out. I’ve come to realize that by letting my own light shine, I’m lighting the way for others to follow.

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    • Thanks Barb for sharing this common experience.

      Empathic helpers have such big hearts, we want to help everyone. It is difficult to see someone struggling and they don’t want our help. As you said, by focusing on yourself and shining your light, you are helping others.

      Thanks for stopping in to comment.

      Blessings, Lisa


  6. Lisa you hooked me with the first line, “Empaths are meant to be mirrors of energy, not sponges.” I so appreciate the wisdom shared in this article and the tools to stay grounded in order to not act as a sponge for other people’s energy. I will definitely share this with some clients that I know will benefit from your insights. Thank you so much!

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