Why Archangel Gabriel is the Best Writer’s Angel

Why Archangel Gabriel is the Best Writer's Angel

There are many angels and archangels to assist a writer with their creative practice. If you are looking for specialization, Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel, who works with writers and all communicators. When you write and publish your book, you will also need to market your book. Gabriel can help with every step in this process.

Archangel Gabriel gives motivation, courage, and opportunities to those who feel guided to write. The desire to write is a signal, this is a part of your life purpose. Those who have repetitive thoughts such as, I want to be a writer, are receiving Divine guidance to express heavenly messages through a book, article, blog, or other medium. In some cases, Gabriel will suggest journaling or keeping a diary as a way to open up and receive inspiration. Whatever form your writing takes, the process of putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard is soul stirring.

My personal call

I first received the message to be a writer in 2009, after a thyroid cancer scare. I prayed to God. “What can I do?” I heard, be a writer. I had the surgery to remove half of my thyroid gland and nodule in 2009. When I returned home, I was informed my first article was published. This lead to numerous other magazine publications, my stories being published in soon to be three Chicken Soup for the Soul Books, various #1 international bestselling anthology books, continuing education writings, guest blogging and meditation recordings. In 2019, my first self-published book: I Fill My Cup: A Journal for Compassionate Helpers became an Amazon best seller, in addition to Setting Ethical Limits: For Caring and Competent Professionals kindle book.  I also teach others how to improve their creative writing through various classes and individual coaching sessions.

How will I know I am connecting with Gabriel?

  1. You will be drawn to children- This archangel, spoke to Elizabeth and Mother Mary to tell them about the birth of their sons. Gabriel also helps Moms and children. You may find yourself being drawn to children in your family or circle of friends more. Gabriel plants this seed to help children but also connects you with play and laughter. Being carefree and silly, boosts creativity and your mood. This lightheartedness keeps you motivated to write.
  2. Seeing or hearing trumpets- Since, Gabriel is the messenger angel, you may see or hear a trumpet. I read a book about Gabriel and visited Prince Edward Island, Canada. As we drove by a cemetery, I was compelled to stop. There were two beautiful Gabriel statues with trumpets.

img6 (2)

Some other ways to recognize Gabriel:

Hearing or reading references to Gabriel

Meeting people named Gabriel

A sudden, strong desire to write

Feeling Gabriel is with you

Many artists pray to Gabriel to assist with their creative work

Writers and speakers, work with Gabriel to clearly communicate their message. Gabriel helps with all types of communication. This includes email, texts, the online world, journaling, speaking, publications and writing a memo. I work with Gabriel when I coach or teach writing. You may also find certain publishers and agents, who are open to Gabriel’s energies.

Your sensitivity and creativity are Divine gifts. Nurture your dreams by embracing and expressing these parts of yourself. Ask for spiritual support and you will not only heal yourself but also others.

To further your self-exploration

I highly recommend Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards, you can purchase this deck on Amazon.com. Each week, I keep a couple of openings available for thirty minute angel card readings through Zoom or by phone, schedule your reading here.

Lisa Hutchison LMHC is an Amazon bestselling author of, I Fill My Cup: A Journal for Compassionate Helpers and Setting Ethical Limits: For Caring and Competent Professionals. She is also a contributor in soon to be three Chicken Soup for the Soul Books. Lisa is a writing coach, who utilizes her publication knowledge, psychotherapy skills and intuition to help writers express themselves through the written word. Ms. Hutchison has been connecting with the angels for over 20 years and is a certified angel card reader. http://www.lisahutchison.net  

26 thoughts on “Why Archangel Gabriel is the Best Writer’s Angel

  1. What a Beautiful Post. As I’m sure you know I am very connected to him as well. Thank you for this beautifully written informative post regarding this wonderful Angel…Archangel. The Divine is so helpful and it is people like you and I who assist them in sharing not only information about them but sharing their messages. Thank you.

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  2. Fascinating post about Archangel Gabriel, Lisa. I most probably do have a connection with Gabriel even though I might not have noticed it. In school and college, I was active in the magazines and my articles would appear in both the English and Hindi parts of the magazine. And now I blog!

    But the one definite sign for me is the children. Even before my pet Miss Coco joined my family, little children and even teenagers would love to stop and talk to me. And the babies? Ready to come into my arms at first sight. And yes, I do enjoy their company – you wouldn’t believe what these kids come up with nowadays!

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  3. I love your connections to angelic helpers on the other side of the veil. For spiritual writers, these personal connections are powerful, influencing our writing in sacred ways. You are blessed to have Gabriel to assist with your writing projects Lisa!

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  4. I love the gentleness of your words within this article. Angel signs are abundant and nudging me to write on more than one project, as well. You are a gifted writer, Lisa. Enjoy the writing process as the ink pen caresses the landscape of the empty page and the words to dance and twirl to weave yet another beautiful work of art.

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  5. Wonderful confirmation on your return from surgery Lisa and wonderful to know you are healed.. Our Angelic realms help in so many ways, and what many forget to do is Ask!… for they need to be asked and will help in unseen ways that do not interfere with our free-will.

    And have called upon them many times to assist me on my journey..
    Great share of wisdom and inspiration Lisa..
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend and thank you for your patience in my getting back to you with your comment over at Dreamwalker’s..
    Love Sue ❤

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  6. Lisa, thank you so much for this article. I just finished praying this morning and I asked for God to show me the angel who assists writers because I write poetry and quotes, so I need help. Then after the prayer, I was compelled to search “angels that assist writers.” Then I clicked on your page, while I was reading your information, I saw the Semetary picture and I saw the angels with the trumpets. I immediately stopped and I was shocked. I could not believe this, angel Gabriel has been connecting with me for over a year and I didn’t even know it. You see, last year I celebrated my 50th birthday. So when I was preparing for it, I had this strong need to make soaps of golden angels playing the trumpet. I found the soap mold and then I made the soaps as party favors for the guests. Then I commissioned a weaver to make two 6 foot tall angel statues playing the trumpet facing each other so that I can have it at the entrance of the party site. I was so focused on doing that, that I would not stop until I got done. In the end, I did exactly that. I did not listen to anyone’s objection or advice I was determined. So I did it and I was happy and the guest loved the soaps and they took pictures with the angel statues. For that reason, when I saw your picture I was stunned that angel Gabriel has been communicating with me all along and I didn’t even know it. Thank you for this confirmation story. God bless you.

    Faith A. MT/C-R.& Life Coach

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    • You are welcome Faith! I am happy you connected with this blog in a synchronistic way. I love this blog was a part of it. I am a BIG believer in God leading the way and showing us signs for confirmation. Thanks for sharing your experience with me, I enjoyed reading it today. Many Blessings, Lisa


  7. Oh Wow! I never knew. I have been visited in my dreams by Angels but I do not know enough about them. I hear words, lyrics, poetry and songs in my dreams and often they are my writing prompt. I am also a massive fan of Jazz and SuperFan of Mark Ronson! (he plays the trumpet).
    I believe an Angel told me to return to university which I did and now write everyday. I am about to embark on a writing project so thank you for your message which has helped me today x

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  8. It has been brought to my attention, I have not been clear in my communications on this blog post. I am sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Previously I wrote, ” Each week, I keep a couple of openings free for one hour angel card readings by phone or in person, schedule your reading here.”

    I used the word free for openings or appointments, not for the readings. I have corrected the wording to make it more clear to I have a couple of spots available each week.

    Since the pandemic began, I no longer offer one hour readings but I do offer 30 minute readings for a fee on Zoom or by phone.

    If you have any questions please reach out to me via email lisadhutch@verizon.net

    Thank you
    Many Blesssings,


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