Hope Is The Most Important Ingredient In Healing

Without hope, people lose the energy to heal and move forward, yet this ingredient is often missing in the medical community. I have experienced doctors who have instilled a sense of hope within me and those who have not, through my journey of chronic pain and illness. This is why I instill a sense of hope with everyone I work with, whether it is through my role as a psychotherapist, spiritual coach or creative writing teacher.

Hope is the Most Important Ingredient to Healing (1)

Unspoken Energy

Being a compassionate person, I am sensitive to the unspoken energy a person conveys. I went to a new specialist because another doctor, who I trusted, wanted to rule out other conditions. As soon as this doctor walked into the room and looked at me, I felt judged. She didn’t ask me much about my condition and when I did talk, she wasn’t listening. The doctor ended the appointment with, “if you get worse, come back” and left the room. Stunned, I thought; I have been living with this for ten years, I am not waiting for it to get worse.

I went home feeling angry and disappointed, not the feeling I wanted to have, after waiting months to get an appointment. She conveyed no hope. I could not express these feelings during the appointment because I felt shut down. I was able to express my displeasure on the survey sent to me weeks later.

I had to cool my jets and figure out my next move. I am a person who is grounded and emotionally balanced. I have to admit, this appointment threw me a little. I can only imagine the impact of an experience like this on an emotionally vulnerable person.

Hope Restored

It took me almost two months before I returned to my original specialist because of my busy schedule and need to re-group. At our original appointment, she listened and was thorough with my history. I remembered her telling me, “if you don’t get anywhere with the other doctor, come back and see me.” I felt nervous going back because I did not want to face another rejection or dead-end. I chose to trust.

I had my appointment. She not only listened but agreed, I should not wait until my condition worsens. She explained, “sometimes people don’t fit perfectly into a diagnosis, but you can treat the symptoms.”  I thought, yes, you are speaking my language! As a psychotherapist, I don’t turn someone away who is in pain; physically, mentally or spiritually because they don’t fit into a certain box. I sit and work with him or her, while we find solutions together.

I am on a new treatment and I have hope. If this one doesn’t work, we will try something else or the Divine will lead me in a new direction. People underestimate hope, yet it is the life force that keeps us going when facing our most darkest hours.

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Lisa Hutchison LMHC is the Amazon bestselling author of I Fill My Cup: A Journal for Compassionate Helpers and the kindle book Setting Ethical Limits for Caring & Competent Professionals. Lisa is a licensed psychotherapist and writing coach who helps sensitive souls not just survive but shine.

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18 thoughts on “Hope Is The Most Important Ingredient In Healing

  1. I’ve had this discussion before with my GP about doctors who don’t listen and it is understood that if I need a referral to a specialist, he will make the introduction, Lisa, because I’ve had my own share of dealing with doctors who judge despite their being good at their specialization. As my GP once told me, 50% of the cure is the trust in the doctor and the rest is the treatment.

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    • I found this doctor myself as it was closer in driving distance than the other doctors. I did my research and found someone my insurance covered. From reading the reviews of patients online, I thought I found someone who would listen. Sometimes you have to find out by showing up and seeing for yourself. I agree trusting in your provider is the cornerstone of healing. Thanks for your comment Vatsala.


  2. This is a worldwide problem with doctors. Many are just trying to keep up with the influx of patients and do not take the time to listen and most certainly don’t want to be questioned. I’m happy to hear to found returned to the doctor who will listen and take the time to help you uncover the answers you are looking for. xx

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  3. I can’t agree more … hope and would add compassion. Many of the clients I’m seeing lately is due to secondary trauma caused by the healthcare system. There is something to be said by your words. Thank you

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  4. Lisa I feel and hear you. I am experiencing the same from my GP, who has been great in the past and on the last 2 visits has either brushed aside my concerns or wants me to follow a path that my body says no to. Back to really listening to my body.
    Hope, yes. Sending you love and loads of hope. 💜🙏🏽💜

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    • I am sorry to hear that Suzie. I had a PCP for years, who I enjoyed working with and then she changed. Some of her statements indicated that she really did not know me as the spiritual, holistic person, I am. I changed PCP’s. Thank you for your love and hope, I send you the same as you listen to your body. xx


  5. Thank you for sharing your story, Lisa! I hear this so often from my clients, they are discounted or not heard at all. I am so glad you found someone to hear you, and that you once again have hope! Sending you love and light!

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  6. I agree. Hope is so important. It feels terrible when you feel like you don’t have it. It’s important to find the right people to support you if you are going through a difficult time. There is always some form of hope. I agree that the medical “professionals” aren’t so skilled at that. Many don’t seem to have the empathy or compassion that is needed. I’ve been there and understand. It’s difficult when you are searching for an answer and are having a difficult time finding one. It’s important to keep searching and never give up no matter what the case may be. Listening and talking to others as well as listening to the Divine and your own soul is very helpful. I’m glad there are people out there like us that give others hope.

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  7. I do not think some people who should know better really understand the importance of Hope or their professionalism in their manners.
    Thank goodness you are the person you are, for as you say, how would this impact upon another individual not so strong..

    I remember going back time and again to my own GP with the symptoms of fatigue, pain and depression only to be told it was my age.. ( this was in my early 40’s.) Thankfully I persisted, and a visiting GP who was to watch how the other GP performed, So there were two in the surgery for my appointment that day, I went at the end of my tether.. And finally I got a response, and a diagnosis which was followed through..

    Modern medicine is no longer about treating the patient, just the symptom often with a pill to go away and try and come back if it gets worse..

    Since those early years I have learnt a lot about Self Healing, and Positive Affirmation, and belief in one’s Wellness.
    HOPE, and positivism are a key ingredient,,

    A very helpful topic and I am pleased you persisted and you found someone to trust.. ❤

    Much love Lisa… Keep well, and stay Blessed ❤

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