Why connection is important in today’s world

Why Connection is Important in Today's World


I have been more contemplative since the rally in Charlottesville VA, the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer and now the flooding in Texas. I desire to connect more authentically with others yet struggle because I do not want to get drained by extreme anger, violence or anguish. Being a part of protests, rallies and marches are not for me because of this. Yet as an empath, I want to know more than what’s up; social niceties and small talk bore me.

I have come to a new acceptance that I am called to heal this world in a different way. This has been the story of my life, stepping out on my own to follow a path unknown. Instead of donating to the Red Cross for the Texas floods, I donated to a smaller company called Undies for Everyone which supplies clean underwear to the survivors of the flood. I connect with being a woman and needing clean underwear more than donating to a large organization.

Three Men, a child and a baby

I am overtaken by a lot of thoughts, after these events. Walking helps me process this energy. One day, I saw a man wheeling a stroller with a small child lagging behind him. As we entered the cross walk at the same time from different directions, I moved slightly outside of the white line for his young child to be in the cross walk. We smiled as we passed one another. I went into the post office, mailed a few letters and another man held the door open for me. I thanked him and held it for him in return.

As I walked home, I saw the same man who walked with his children. This time I noticed the drained looked upon his face as he folded and put the stroller back into his car. We smiled again but this time I said, “Have a good day.” In this moment, I witnessed an energy shift and his face brightened. Intuitively, I knew I gave him a gift and felt authentically connected. Lastly, another man mowing his lawn waved at me, I waved in return. After my interactions with these three men, I felt rejuvenated, hopeful and inspired to write.

We are one

We all need reminders in our struggles that we are cared for and not alone. When you connect to a person’s heart and soul, you recognize them as the Divine light we all are. These small acts of kindness are best if not planned. Don’t worry, intuitively you will know who to connect with, where to donate and what to do. When you allow spirit to work through you, you are guided. Trust you will be in the right place with the right people at the right time.

When you notice someone who needs an emotional lift, look them in the eye and speak from your heart. It can be something simple such as have a good day, a wave or a smile. Now more than ever we need reassurance that we are not one another’s enemies. This year we all have experienced heavy intense energies. The best way to cope is to shine your light as a channel for Divine love.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section of how you authentically connect with others despite the extreme anger, violence and fear that is a part of our society today.

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21 thoughts on “Why connection is important in today’s world

  1. Hi Lisa! Love this post…and love the little ways we connect with our fellow human beings…just like you said…a smile…a wave…a how do you do? There is so much going on that seems to rip us apart. I just love looking at the things that remind us we are one…we are together in this…and we can be kind! Sweet blessings ❤

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  2. Thank you for a lovely post! I’m here in Texas, not physically affected by Harvey, but definately emotionally affected! I taught my children when they were young, to care for others. We don’t just not cause or burden someone, we help then carry their load. We always strive to leave people better then we find them! That person at the register isn’t just a drone, they are a real live human being! I taught them that there are two kinds of people in this world, those that put their shopping cart in the coral and those that leave theirs loose to roll into other people’s cars and do damage when the person has left and is totally unaware of what they caused. We are people that always put our cart back!

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  3. Firstly Lisa, thank you for your follow to my blog.. I spotted you there in my follow list and your blog title immediately caught my attention..
    You are right, for those of us who are emphatic,we can do a lot for the world.. We may not be able to change major things, but we can change our own world.. And our perspective, and reach out to help others in small ways is helping to create that ripple effect that hopefully others feel and will then pass on.

    I agree with what you say, joining marches is not for me either.. I am often reminded by what Mother Teresa said ““I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

    It’s all about what kind of energy we engage .. Anti-war and Pro-peace totally different vibrations..

    Just smiling at someone and opening a door, or helping someone get on an off a busy loaded with shopping and children in tow, makes a huge difference..

    We have as a society forgotten how to show respect to each other most of the time.. because we have become conditioned to be afraid of each other.. People seldom look you in the eye anymore.. and are too busy on their mobile devices to look up and greet another ..
    Big smiles to meet you and that you know a mutual lovely blogging friend of mind Lorrie..

    Have a wonderful day
    Sue 💜

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