The Truth about the 2 Types of Sensitivity

You are too sensitive! I heard that a lot when I was a child. Interestingly, I haven’t heard it at all as an adult. What changed? I learned to honor my sensitivity for the gift that it is. A part of that honoring lies in surrounding myself with people just like me. This world needs more sensitivity, let’s make sure we are joining together and flooding it with the best kind.

Your Sensitivity is Beautiful

Type 1: Empathy– This Divine gift comes from a deep sense of caring about others and feeling into their emotional or physical states. Empathy often manifests through psychic knowingness, visions and sensations. At times you may feel too much and become engulfed by the experience of empathy. You do not want to hide or get rid of your empathy, not like you really could anyways! After all, it is a part of who you are. You can protect and nurture this gift with proper boundary setting thereby decreasing overwhelm.

I want to give you a little heads up … As you grow older, your sensitivity will increase. I am not telling you this to cause anxiety but rather to give you awareness. This is not due to a failure in coping on your part but rather a spiritual progression of becoming more open. You can choose to look at this as an opportunity for learning new ways of protecting your precious energy, as I have.

Type 2: An Ego Imbalance– This kind of sensitivity comes from a sense of separation and presents as defensiveness and fear. Ego imbalances stem from psychological wounds that have not been addressed and are now getting projected outward onto others. You find this kind of imbalance with sensitivity in personality disorders such as narcissistic, histrionic, antisocial and borderline traits.

I have lived with both types of sensitivity. My step-father had an ego imbalance and I was born an empath, making our connection the perfect storm. I never knew what would set him off because anything could and it never made any sense. A lot of my time and energy growing up was spent trying to predict and avoid the conflicts that were to come. As an adult, I had to learn boundaries and detachment in order to not take on emotional responsibility which was not mine.

We all have both of these sensitivities, there is no judgment here. You need some ego for self-definition and you need empathy to have compassion for others. If you have type 1 you need to learn and practice self-trust through awareness, boundaries to protect your energies and assertiveness skills to voice your authentic self. If you are type 2 you need to learn and practice self- responsibility, relaxation skills and empathy.

More about Lisa Hutchison– Lisa works for empaths who often feel drained after their helping efforts refill and recharge their energy through counseling, writing and angel card sessions. As a licensed mental health counselor with over 15 years of experience, she helps sensitive souls not only survive but shine!  Get 8 Simple Things that Release Chaos from Your Life Now! FREE as my gift to you.


23 thoughts on “The Truth about the 2 Types of Sensitivity

  1. I like the distinction between the two types of sensitivity as well as your comment about a “perfect storm.” I find myself wondering if empaths and those with ego imbalances inevitably find one another to create the lessons we need for growth.

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    • Yes, Andrea, in my personal and professional experience I have seen empaths and those with ego imbalances finding one another again and again. It is an opportunity for both parties to grow their souls if they are open to it 😉


  2. Lisa this is an awesome article on Sensitivity! I know that I am an empath and so are most of my clients so thank you for being such a great resource. Much love

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  3. Thank you for making that distinction between the two sensitivities. I was also told as a child that I was too sensitive and my “powers” were a source of discomfort. I am so fortunate to have people like you in my life and to have reflected that not only am I ok but I am terrific for the gifts I have! Thank you Lisa.

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  4. Excellent article, Lisa! I appreciated the distinction between the 2 types of sensitivity. I clearly see how the two can combine to create the “perfect storm”. Your relationship with your stepdad sounds similar to my relationship with my own father. Wonderful insights. Thank you.

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    • I love sharing information like this for empaths. I believe we often connect with others that have had similar experiences to our own. Thank you Lyn for sharing a part of your journey and I am grateful for our connection xx.


  5. Lisa that is a very insightful article. I am an empath and an HSAM, which mean I have Hyperthymesia or Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory as the University of California calls it. Remembering every day of my life since I was six years old ( I will be 56 in a couple of weeks) makes me particularly empathetic to people in many situations. I love helping other empaths learn to stick up for themselves from the imbalanced and helping the imbalanced understand their behavior. You can imagine that I remember every person and every date that I was ever called too sensitive.

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    • My heart goes out to you Frank, being an empath and having HSAM. I imagine that must be extremely difficult at times. I am glad that you are able to help other empaths with the gift of your sensitivity. Thank you Frank for your comments and sharing your journey.


    • I am always happy to supply new info Karen! I don’t know if you know this…There are also spiritual teacher’s and Dr’s such as Dr. Christiane Northrup who discuss perimenopause and menopause as a time of women coming into their power more. 🙂


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