The 6 Ways Women Manifest Maternal Love Energy

“Any woman can be a mother but it takes someone special to be called mom.”- Unknown

When you read the above quote, you know deep down inside what it means to have a mom energy in your life. For some people it is their biological mother while others connect to this source through other women. Besides the Mom assigned to you before birth, you have Moms through marriage, Moms who pick you and Moms that you choose. In this blog I have highlighted 6 mother energies that I am sure you have had at least one heart connection to.


The Biological Mother– This is “THE MOTHER” of all relationships and the most deliciously complex. There are times that you love her to pieces and other times you shake your head in frustration. When you are an empath, you can add in feeling guilty for your anger and frustration long after your visit is over.

Mom is human and no relationship is perfect. My Mom and I had a lot of difficulties from the time I was a child until my late 20’s. At that point, I made a conscious decision to have a closer relationship with her. Through forgiveness, communication and work on both of our parts, we made it happen. Our relationship was about spiritual growth and that is what I received in abundance. At the end of Mom’s life she was a role model to me. Her positive attitude after a stroke that paralyzed her, helped me to keep going, have faith and remain connected to her after her death. She became my best friend because I let go of expectations and accepted her for who she was and for who I am.

Many spiritual believers say that you pick your mother before birth in order to grow your soul, along with your father and siblings. Yes, I buy into that based on my own life experiences. The Divine knows who and what you need to grow your soul. Your job is to trust in the plan even when it does not seem to make sense and you are convinced you were misplaced in the hospital nursery, picked up by the wrong family.

Grandmothers– I did not know either of my grandmothers, as they died before my birth. I had a wonderful grandmother through marriage for 14 years. Nana was kind, a great cook and a lot of fun. She came with A LOT of stories. At times I felt impatient with her lessons yet deep down I knew they were important enough to write down after I returned home. She did not care what others thought about her and I admired that freedom of expression, I did not yet have in my twenties. Today, when I miss that energy I work to be freer in my expressions.

Adoptive Moms & Fur Baby Moms– Adoptive moms choose to open their hearts and homes with children who are not blood related. What a gift! Many adopted clients I work with have told me that they consider their adoptive mom to be their mom. The fur baby mom is another woman who has opened her heart and home to animals.

I chose to not have children although I did have pets. Many empaths go for this path because they like myself already “mother” many people through their healing work. I have been told that I have a great mother energy from clients, friends and family. When asked if I have kids, I say my pets were my children and they were! I am looking forward to the future when I will mother more pets.

Mothers through Marriage– These mothers are by circumstance and include step moms and mother in-laws. I have heard from clients that a step- mother’s love can be a great addition to a family. She can never replace the biological mom although she can be a great source of love and guidance if you let her. Mother in- laws can be another source of love and light to a family.

Honorary Mothers– These are friends, healers, therapists and others who have a nurturing maternal energy. When you are in their presence you feel safe and unconditionally loved. Although, you can’t pick your family, you can pick your friends and healers.

Mother Mary or other spiritual women– Open up to a spiritual mother energy. This is the ideal mother energy that you can pray to at anytime, anywhere, for assistance, guidance and love. Mother Mary is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine and can assist you with healing mother issues. She helps you expand and receive.

I completed reading Chicken Soup for the Soul’s For Mom with love, finding in it many instances I could relate to my own mother and many of the mother energies listed above whether I was laughing, crying or smiling.

Although my mom is no longer alive, I remember wanting to find a unique gift for Mother’s Day. You know something special which could show her that she is appreciated and loved. She loved reading the Chicken Soup series of books. Although I cannot physically give her the book, I am blessed that the story I wrote about her, “Focusing on what we have” is featured.  If you believe one of your Moms would enjoy this as a gift click here to buy it.


No matter how you celebrate Mother’s Day, connect with your heart and the spirit of love.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you to all my Moms!

With Deep Gratitude, Much Love & Many Blessings

Lisa xx

More about Lisa Hutchison:  Lisa works for empathic healers who often feel drained after their helping efforts, refill and reacharge their energy with counseling and angel card sessions. As an international bestselling author and writing coach, Lisa Hutchison is passionate about teaching creative writing skills that not only improve your writing but also connect you to your ideal audience. She offers thought provoking writing coaching sessions and creative writing skill classes that get her clients increased followers, clients and income. Take advantage of her FREE gift to you, 8 Simple Things That Release Chaos from Your Life Now, a 10 page E-book at


26 thoughts on “The 6 Ways Women Manifest Maternal Love Energy

  1. Love this, Lisa! Every year on Mother’s Day I send “Maternal Messages” to my friends, acknowledging their “motherliness” regardless of whether they are a biological mom or not. I have one friend in particular who now in her 60s was unable to conceive, one of her greatest pains, and is the mom of 5 rescued pups. We moms come in all shapes!

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  2. Lisa, such a wonderful post, honoring your Mom, as well as all the versions of Moms out there! Due to health reasons, I was unable to carry a child. When I was younger, I felt that I missed out on a wonderful opportunity. However, as I grew older (52 this year), I realized that I have been a Mom to so many friends, relatives, co-workers and pets. It’s often my loving, nurturing mother-energy that attracts people to me, so I can say I have mothered many! xo

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  3. Lisa I love this post! You have expanded my perception of the many aspects of being a Mother. I have the best Mom and have always been close and the Divine Mother is in my meditations daily, but I love this expansion. There are Mothers everywhere and they all add value to life!

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  4. Wonderful post, Lisa. I have also heard that we pick who our parents are going to be, before we are born. I like this idea because it helps me to be more open to any lessons I’m meant to learn from my relationship with my parents.

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  5. Every day I miss my “honorary Mother.” She opened my heart with constant unconditional love. She truly was my Spiritual Mother. I still feel her presence as a continual teacher.

    I love how you have expanded the range of mothering with your post, Lisa. So much depth!

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  6. I also had a lot of difficulties with my mom from a child until my early 30s. But learning that I chose my parents, before coming to this life, was such a relief and healing for me. My relationship with my mother is now changed and for the last 5 yrs we have worked together for our mutual and individual healing. We have a great relationship now.

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  7. Yes, beautiful Mother Energy all round. I just LOVE connecting to our Mother Earth. For me that is always ultimate connection. I love her dearly! Very, very much. And spending time with her always nourishes me and supports me. Instantaneously fills my batteries back up. It’s just AMAZING and blessed!!

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  8. Many spiritual believers say that you pick your mother before birth in order to grow your soul, along with your father and siblings. Yes, I buy into that based on my own life experiences. The Divine knows who and what you need to grow your soul.

    I loved loved that part. It helped me to understand and see my mother in a different light. This was truly lovely!


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