5 Ways Empaths Protect Their Energy & Enjoy Hotel Travel

Travel can feel stressful for sensitive souls.  Encountering new environments, cultures and time changes can throw anyone off-center.  As an empathic free spirit, I am often at odds balancing my psychic energies with my desire for wanderlust. Through the years, I have found ways to cope with travel and enjoy it which I will gladly share with you in this blog.

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1.) Research your hotel and book ahead of time to decrease overwhelm –

Prior to travel, know where you are going and make a rough schedule of places to visit.  The more details you can attend to prior to travel the more relaxed you will feel.  Research your hotel to make sure it is in an optimal location in regard sites and restaurants.  Next, read the reviews of that hotel.  If a lot of people complain of noise, choose another place to stay. Trust your instincts; what is the vibe you get from this place?  Also, look up your hotel on bedbugregistry.com. You do not want to bring home any extra souvenirs or feel uncomfortable sleeping.

When you find a hotel that suits your needs, book your room and put in the following request: a top floor quiet room if possible-thank you!  The majority of the time my request has been filled either with a top floor room or a room that is quiet. I have learned in life that you will not get what you want unless you ask.  The reason why I ask for a top floor room is I won’t have anyone above me stomping their feet.  You will feel grateful for this request when you are trying to rest or sleep.

2.) Bring sleep essentials –

Sleep is essential for sensitive souls and you know what you need for a good night sleep.  Some items to consider are a set of earplugs, a sound machine, comfy PJ’s  and an eye pillow.  You may want to think about bringing your own pillow.  I have done this a few times in the past.  For the sake of suitcase space, I now leave that at home.

 3.) Space –

If traveling with others get your own room.  This will allow you to have time to recharge your energy without other people around.  Some benefits of this are waking up when you want to and having quiet for writing or meditation.  If you are sharing a room and are a restless sleeper, you may want your own bed to help detach from other’s energies.

4.) Bring your IPOD –

Your IPOD is the music that you love and resonate with.  It is also great for meditation tracks to relax and unwind with. You can listen if you are having trouble falling asleep or as a way to cope with loud plane or train rides.

5.) Bring healthy snacks and water –

It is important to stay hydrated and stave off hunger.  When you are hungry you are more vulnerable to other’s energies. Pack snacks that are good for you. I have brought an empty refillable water container with me in a suitcase and purchased a gallon of water in a local convenience store to refill that one bottle with during my trip.

There are times that plans go awry, no matter how much you organize ahead of time.  If you follow these steps it will increase your likelihood of a pleasant trip.  The more you travel, the more you will learn about yourself and how to protect your empathic abilities.

Many Blessings!

Lisa xx

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20 thoughts on “5 Ways Empaths Protect Their Energy & Enjoy Hotel Travel

  1. Great post, Lisa, with really good tips. I want to share with you that Karen Kingston writes about ‘space clearing’ a room every time she checks in to a new hotel. I think you would really be interested in that! (I think it’s in her book, “Space Clearing.”)

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  2. I can get better at asking for what I want, so thank you for that important reminder. 🙂 Here’s one of my favorite things to do — take a small spray bottle of my favorite meditation body spray!!! ❤ Thanks again for a great post!

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  3. Lisa, this is great advice!I I never thought to request a “top-floor, quiet room” ahead of time! I usually ask when I get there for something away from the road & quiet, but they are usually booked. Good to know for next time. I think I’ve got all the others down after learning the hard way! 🙂

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  4. Even for non-empaths, these are great tips. Whenever and wherever possible, I skip the hotels all together and go for the bed & breakfasts – they’re usually away from the noise, less guests, and much less stress 🙂

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  5. Travel tips are always welcome Lisa! My husband and I like to find interesting places to stay when we travel. When rural, always a B&B. If we stay at hotels I look the room over before we check in. Many times they are remodeling parts of the hotel so it’s good to ask if you are booked into the new and improved section. Thanks for the great advice!

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  6. OMG! So important. These tips make travel bearable and fun for sensitives.
    As a medium, I’d add a 6th tip for a peaceful trip: Be ready to clear any unwanted negative energies upon arrival. No matter if it’s a haunting or a funky energy left behind, you don’t need it. Ground, clear and make sure you have your energetic boundaries in place.

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    • I love your 6th tip and thank you for the reminder! I also clear the room with energetic techniques, reiki symbols and sage spray. I would recommend to not bring a lighted sage stick though due to the smoke.


  7. Great tips Lisa, especially the top floor! I used to be a flight attendant and always had a few essentials with me, which included lavender essential oil plus a space clearing mister that I’d spray around the room and especially the bed 🙂
    Another thing that I’ve found makes a big difference is having a window in the room that can be opened… as that’s not always the case.
    Happy travels! joyful blessings, Tina

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    • You are welcome. I love learning more about you Tina, I had no idea you were a flight attendant! You must have a lot of travel stories. I would love a window that opened in the room. Occasionally I have had that and took advantage of it to bring in some fresh air. It is great way to change up the energetics of a room. 🙂


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